NEGHL (New England Girl's Hockey League)
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Game Misconduct Suspensions - The NEGHL utilizes USA Hockey rules for all game misconducts except as follows:

1. Game misconducts received during NEGHL league played must be served during the next regularly scheduled NEGHL league appearing on the schedule at the time of the misconduct. 

2. All NEGHL game misconducts must be communicated to by the program directors within 6 hours of the game completion with a copy of the game sheet.

3. A game misconduct received during tournament play where the next regularly scheduled girls game is an NEGHL game must be reported to the NEGHL and the suspension served during the next NEGHL game.

 4. The suspensions web page updated as Ref Reports are received from USA Hockey.  Parents, Coaches and Players should NOT rely on this page to determine if a Player/Coach is suspended.  The game sheet is the determining factor.  Any Coach who plays a suspended player shall be suspended for a minimum of 2 games.

5.  In the event of a Match Penalty, USA Hockey and Local District Guidelines (District of the Team) will be enforced.